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“What Kiz does can benefit anyone and everyone. It’s about using the power of words to tell YOUR story. No filters. Just your words, your way. Of course it’s going to make you feel better, more hopeful and more heard! Don’t be scared. Just go and see Kiz - she knows what she’s doing.”

Barbara Bloomfield, Chair of Lapidus International, which offers support and writing opportunities to promote good mental health and community.

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"Kiz joined me on Brum Radio a handful of times, always promoting Dubgasm and social goodness in our communities. I was blown away by her passion and engagement in what should be a social norm ie. effective services for all corners of the community. She is a warm, enthusiastic person who has developed her public speaking as well as her networks to make her a worthwhile contact for music, events, and community work."

Danny de Reybekill, Associate Lecturer at BIMM Birmingham

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"Aside from her artistry and ability to connect with people, Kiz is a creative, authentic and dynamic force for good. She isn’t afraid to challenge and ask the difficult questions yet equally has the ability to hold spaces that enable conversation, spark curiosity and provide comfort to others. She gives wholeheartedly and is generous in skills and spirits working to drive change, be it in a working group, project or sector."

Hayley Youell | Co-ordinator

Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance


“I was very active mentally during the workshops, learning how to declutter my mind through writing. I found it a good way of grounding myself and relaxing. It wasn’t demanding.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I was scared of doing it before but once in the group realised I didn’t need to be scared. I learnt a lot and enjoyed it and made friends.”

“The workshops were fun and made me think. I had no idea I could write so easily using the techniques we learnt and was very pleasantly surprised.”

“Kiz is friendly and knows her stuff when it comes to creative writing. She made the atmosphere non-pressured as we were free to share if we wanted to but did not have to. Most times I was happy to.”

“It opened me up to having more confidence and listening to others.”

“The creative writing was really inspirational. It was totally life-changing and has helped me overcome numerous things.”

“Kiz is a big kid in a positive way, bubbly and encouraging.”

“Thank you and please may I come again?”

“There’s no pressure to take part if you’re not  up to it.”

“I enjoyed the freedom of speech, allowing you to share or withhold.”


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