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Can Rap Be Therapeutic? Here's a Brief Dip into Founder Kiz's Thesis.

Hip Hop HEALS CIC's Executive Founding Director Kiz wrote her thesis on rap's healing powers in 2017. 'A Narrative Inquiry exploring the therapeutic potential of Rap lyrics in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes', hidden stories of MC's lived experience formed the central data set. Kiz discovered how two MCs found rap therapeutic through narrative interviewing. In other words, she collected their stories and analysed the themes that came up.

In 2018, Kiz went on to pass her MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes with counselling and psychotherapy training charity: 'Metanoia Institute'. Since then, she has been busy putting her findings into practice in The Real World. For example, the songs in her workshop toolkit have featured in therapeutic writing programmes she's delivered with people in recovery from homelessness, mental ill health and offending.

Since this research laid the foundations upon which Hip Hop HEALS CIC was built, we thought it would be a good idea to share it with you here, for the first time. It's a WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

You can further explore how MC lyricism supports people's mental health and wellbeing through our podcast: 'Glowitheflow', our public speaking at arts and health events and our workshop programmes.

Here is the full thesis, with a summary below.

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Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Kiz's Thesis HIP HOP HEALS
Download PDF • 1.60MB