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Tutor, Counsellor

David Williams has been consistently delivering services to young people from 1992 fulfilling a variety of roles across London and delivering Training Programmes and Consultancy support to youth organisations across the UK.

He has:

  • An extensive history of youth service management, training and development.

  • Strong background in youth crime prevention, youth related training, youth–focused programme/project development, CPD and youth-focused multi-agency approaches and co-ordination of youth work in the Secure Estate.

  • Strong line-management, supervision and operational oversight experience.

  • Across 20 years in progressive roles across London and the South-East Region.

  • Refined relationship-building skills

  • Experience of working collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders maintaining healthy relationships.

  • Sound experience in Education Provision

  • Post 16 Education, PSHE Workshops, PRU Teaching and Behaviour Management.

  • Sound experience in the Secure Estate and Criminal Justice sector

  • Co-ordinating and delivering education and support interventions to young people pre, during and post Secure Estate.

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